Augmented Human

Essential reading for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone who desires a peek at our virtual future.

This is the most comprehensive and useful guide into Augmented Reality I have ever seen. Not only did I learn a lot, I will apply it to our work.
— Stefan Sagmeister, Designer and cofounder sagmeister & walsh inc.

Let's design for the best of humanity and the best of technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) blurs the boundary between the physical and digital worlds. In AR’s current exploration phase, innovators are beginning to create compelling and contextually rich applications that enhance a user’s everyday experiences. In this book, Dr. Helen Papagiannis — a world-leading expert in the field — introduces you to AR: how it’s evolving, where the opportunities are, and where it’s headed.

If you’re a designer, developer, entrepreneur, student, educator, business leader, artist, or simply curious about AR’s possibilities, this insightful guide explains how you can become involved with this exciting, fast-moving technology.


About the author

Dr. Helen Papagiannis is internationally recognized as a leading expert in Augmented Reality (AR). Her work spans over a decade in the field as a researcher, designer, and technology evangelist. She is the former Chief Innovation Officer at Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. (New York and Tel Aviv), and was a Senior Research Associate at York University’s Augmented Reality Lab (Toronto).

Dr. Papagiannis’s presentations and exhibitions include TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design), ISMAR (International Society for Mixed and Augmented Reality), and ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Art). Her TEDx 2011 talk was featured among the Top 10 Talks on AR, and in 2016 she was a finalist for the prestigious World Technology Award. Prior to her augmented life, Dr. Papagiannis was a member of Bruce Mau Design where she was project lead on "Massive Change: The Future of Global Design", a groundbreaking exhibition and best-selling book (Phaidon, 2004) examining the new inventions and technologies changing the world.

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It's not just about augmenting reality, it's about augmenting humanity.

You’ll explore how:

  • Computer vision, machine learning, cameras, sensors, and wearables change the way you see the world 
  • Haptic technology syncs what you see with how something feels
  • Augmented sound and hearables alter the way you listen to your environment
  • Digital smell and taste augment the way you share and receive information
  • New approaches to storytelling immerse and engage users more deeply 
  • Users can augment their bodies with electronic textiles, embedded technology, and brain-controlled interfaces 
  • Human avatars can learn our behaviors and act on our behalf

PRAISE for augmented human

Augmented Human, like its author, is deeply insightful, inspiring, and conscientious about the future of humanity. This book is your guide to imagining and building fulfilling new realities. It is a must-read for anyone who wants a look at what’s new and next.

— Soraya Darabi, Entrepreneur and Investor, Founder of Trailmix Ventures

I’m excited by Helen Papagiannis’ book. Augmented Reality is about much more than technology, AR is about augmenting our humanity, stretching our imaginations and disclosing an entirely new canvas of creative artistry. Helen gets it.

— Jason Silva, Futurist and Host of Emmy-nominated hit TV series Brain Games on National Geographic

This book provides a thorough overview of all the different ways we are augmenting humans, and the ways in which these augmentations can be used to create new methods of communication and storytelling. Augmented Human teases the endless possibilities of this new medium.

— Jody Medich, Director of Design for Singularity University Labs

Dr. Papagiannis has done a splendid job in this authoritative book. She shows us that AR has the power to empower, and that we need to expand our thinking (and imagination) of what this augmentation can mean to being human in the future.

— Dr. Tom Furness, Grandfather of AR/VR and Founder of The Virtual World Society